Photowalk Winners 2012

National winner

Mrs Lisa Ward

The 25m Chilbolton Dish antenna

"The Photowalk experience at STFC Chilbolton was hugely inspiring and I am grateful for the opportunity to take some wonderful photographs during my visit. I am thrilled and pleasantly surprised to have won and I hope that my image of the 25m dish at the Chilbolton Observatory captures a little of the essence of the antenna used to analyse extreme weather conditions."

Prize: Trip to CERN

Online winner

Mrs Angela Davison

Prize: £250.00 photographic vouchers

Chilbolton Observatory regional winner

Dr Roger Dingley

Prize: £250.00 photographic vouchers

Daresbury Laboratory regional winner

Mr Greg Harding

Prize: £250.00 photographic vouchers

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory regional winner

Mr Vince Mo

Prize: £250.00 photographic vouchers

UK Astronomy Technology Centre regional winner

Mr William Palin

Prize: £250.00 photographic vouchers

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