How we are governed

How are we governed?

(Credit: STFC)

We know that the way we’re structured and managed has a direct impact on the scientific and technological outcomes we deliver, as well as on our ability to function efficiently and effectively and so provide maximum value for taxpayers’ money.

That’s why we have placed such emphasis on establishing the right framework for our operations and ensuring this continually evolves to meet and anticipate new challenges. It’s a framework geared not simply to supporting and facilitating success but also to scrutinising our activities and questioning our assumptions whenever and wherever necessary.

From the Council, Board and advisory bodies that oversee, steer and inform our operations, to the policies we implement, the regulations we comply with and the standards we adhere to on a daily basis, a thorough framework of structures, systems and measures contributes to the achievement of best practice covering every aspect of the way we’re governed.

Reinforcing this is a process of continual review and refinement guaranteeing continuous improvement in the good governance that underpins our scientific vision, our reputation and our effectiveness as an organisation.

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