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DiRAC e-Infrastructure Service for Industry and Public Sector


High performance computing (HPC) is increasingly important in the modern world. In 2011, the UK Government announced a £145m investment into the UK’s e-Infrastructure to improve computing, software development, data storage, networking and distributed computing networks.

DiRAC is a key component of this e-Infrastructure, having been awarded £15m to deliver ‘business-ready’ HPC and ‘Big Data’ solutions for industry and academia in the UK.

DiRAC will deliver an innovative world-class HPC and data analysis capability to organisations of any size across the UK, providing easy access to the combined strength of the Universities of Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh and Leicester in hardware, software and know-how in HPC and data management.

Key facts

DiRAC is a distributed HPC computing facility which offers a range of advanced and innovative computing architectures for your computing needs. These range from large clusters (10000 cores), shared memory processing (14.8TB of RAM) as well as new many-core architectures such as the Blue Gene Q (1.3 Pflops) and the INTEL MIC chips. Our systems are both secure and stable, and are designed to both produce and analyse Big Data.

Solutions offered include consultancy in the design, deployment, management and utilisation of HPC and large-scale data analytics, combined with HPC Cloud and data service provision, making use of the largest HPC infrastructure in the UK sector. This combined capability is unique in the UK in its scale, depth and breadth of knowledge and, most importantly, in its business-ready solutions, which allow organisations to accelerate research and build real competitive advantage.

Our services are offered in partnership with the STFC Hartree Centre, the Cambridge CORE service (link opens in a new window), the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre Industry Hub (link opens in a new window), and the University of Durham’s OCF EnCore service (link opens in a new window).

Modelling Expertise

The DiRAC project has a strong track record in:

  • Modelling complex chemical and/or CFD scenarios at both high spatial and time resolution such as closely coupled multi-scale parallel CFD jobs
  • Data Modelling
  • Performing parametric search and other data analytics on ‘Big Data’
  • Very large complex multi-scale CFD and Lattice Boltzmann simulations
  • Multi-scale and multi-wavelength Radiative Transfer
  • The electronic structure of atoms, molecules and material


Potential DiRAC customers are welcome to contact the DiRAC team to discuss their needs and to examine how DiRAC can help provide a competitive advantage to their business. Please contact the DiRAC Project Director, Dr Jeremy Yates.

Science and Technology Facilities Council Switchboard: 01793 442000