Strategy and Reports

When the Government invests in research, it is with the understanding that excellent research contributes to the economy, culture and social well-being of our society and that it makes a difference.

On an annual basis we typically engage with:

  • 18,000 teachers 
  • 91,000 primary-age students
  • 243,000 secondary age students
  • 1.08M public 

Why do we measure the impact of our Public Engagement?

As we are in receipt of public funding we are publicly accountable.  There is also a need for skilled people for UK economy and research, a need to articulate the economic, social or cultural impacts of our research, a need to foster openness and dialogue and for our laboratories to engage with the local community.

Impact Goals

Our Goals are to engage the public for increased visibility, public accountability, scientific literacy and to inspire young people. 

We aim to do this by:

  • stimulating and responding to public interest in research developments, outcomes, applications and benefits,
  • linking STFC science and technology with teachers, schools and young people,
  • encouraging and supporting researchers who engage with STFC in their PE work, 
  • capitalising on the STFC Laboratories/Campuses as excellent technical sites and media locations, with delivery programmes and partnerships for regional STEM and skills activities.

Widening impact through partnership

We work with a wide range of strategic partners to develop and maximise the impact of our PE  programme  including professional associations such as the UK Association for  Science and Discovery Centres,  Institute of Physics, The Institute of Engineering and Technology, Royal Astronomical Society the Royal Society and others such as the UK Space agency. We also  are developing  links with other organisations and where we can engage with new audiences and other groups.

Impact Highlights

Highlights include:

How do we measure the impact of our Public Engagement?

All of our Public Engagement activity is evaluated.  Our Public Engagement grant holders and fellows provide reports and the RCUK Practical Guidelines to Evaluation provides useful guidance  Our own public engagement  events are all evaluated including numbers reached.

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