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Talking Science at Daresbury Laboratory

Daresbury Talking Science 2017-18

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Did you know that Daresbury Laboratory hosts a monthly series of inspiring public lectures?

Come along and join us in finding out more about some of the amazing science and research that is currently happening in the world around us from the Big Bang to Dinosaurs and beyond!

Talking Science lectures are FREE but reservations must be made prior to the event. 

In the event that you have booked but are unable to attend a lecture or do not require your full allocation of tickets, please cancel your tickets on Eventbrite as follows:

  1. Log into your Eventbrite account
  2. Click on the ticket you no longer require
  3. Click ‘Cancel Order’ and confirm
Please note: if a lecture is shown as fully booked, Eventbrite can place you on the reserve list, if tickets become available you will receive a notification by email.

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15 March 2018: 11:00am, 1:30pm and 6:45pm

Zara Gladman

Chasing the waves

Dr Zara Gladman
Public Engagement Co-ordinator, Glasgow Science Festival
Emily Benita (actor), Ross Sommerville (actor)

Chasing the Waves” is an award-winning show that shares the story of what has been hailed as one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the century: the detection of gravitational waves. Discover how scientists helped detect these ripples in space-time, first predicted by Albert Einstein over 100 years ago. Blending comedy, music and visuals, this is physics as you’ve never seen it before! Explore a new way of looking at the universe.

This is a unique, award-winning show, originally funded for Glasgow Science Festival. Discover how Glasgow scientists helped make one of the biggest discoveries of the century, with this exclusive performance at DL.

A charge of £3.00 per person will be applied. This can be paid on the night on the door, by cash or by cheque payable to STFC.

Useful information:

YouTube - Chasing the Waves: The Mavericks


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12 APRIL 2018, 1.00pm – audience 6+

Simon Watt

Look up!

Simon Watt
Science Communicator, Writer, TV Presenter

Simon Watt explores some of the science behind space exploration. Which planet is hottest? Which would float in a swimming pool? Which is the most studied? And just how much space is in space? Join him in this live show to see what experiments you can recreate at home and learn about what you can see if you only look up!

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