Work Experience

What is the STFC?

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is one of Europe's largest research organisations supporting scientists and engineers world-wide. The STFC operates on the following sites in the UK:

Activities carried out cover a wide range of science, engineering and technology, including materials science, engineering and instrumentation, particle physics, space science, accelerator based technologies, information technology and computer science.

Inspiring young people and the wider public is one of the STFC's main objectives. This is achieved through a focused programme of public engagement, promoting careers in science, engineering and technology to maintain the quality of the UK programme.

The Laboratories offer one or two week work experience placements to over 100 Year 10, 11 and 12 students each year, many from local schools. Longer placements for Year 12 students are available over the summer. As far as possible they are placed depending on their interests indicated on the application form.



If you have any enquiries about the STFC work experience programme, please email us on the email addresses below.


Important dates for RAL and DL

Date Deadline
6 weeks before placement All forms to be received by RAL/DL, including Student/Parent Agreement and School's Agreement form.
April - August 2015 Placements begin
  • 03 September 2014:  RAL and Daresbury applications open

  • 31 December 2014:  RAL and Daresbury applications close

  • 20 March 2015:  RAL and Daresbury - all places are confirmed. Letters to all applicants

How to apply for RAL and DL

Our work experience programme for 2014 is now closed. Applications for work experience in 2015 will open in September 2014.

Applications will be via an online form (the link will appear here once applications are open). Once you have completed the form you will receive confirmation on-screen and via email of your application. If you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours please email us:

Once applications have closed we will search for a supervisor for you. Supervisors choose students based on their application forms – so the better your application, the more chance you have of securing a place!



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Work experience tour at ISIS
Credit: STFC
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