Large Hadron Collider roadshow

STFC’s Large Hadron Collider roadshow aka LHC supports the UK particle physics community, in partnership with the Institute of Physics, celebrating the UK’s involvement in the world’s biggest scientific experiment – the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.


The exhibition features a life-sized, walk-through section of the LHC tunnel and accelerator alongside interactive exhibits, informative artwork and digital media highlighting what scientists hope to learn in the next phase of working on the world’s biggest scientific experiment.

(Credit: STFC)

To date the travelling exhibition has visited 22 venues, travelled 7,606 miles, and over 282 days captured the attention of around 364,356 people at venues including the Houses of Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff, the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, Queen’s University Belfast and the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

Through the use of eye catching visuals and hands on exhibits visitors have the opportunity to interact with UK scientists and hear what they hope to learn in the future whilst working on some of the world’s largest scientific experiments bringing the exciting world of science to you.

Full details of the exhibition can be found in the attached prospectus.

Forthcoming schedule

  • Swansea Science Exhibition Centre, Swansea University, 1 November until July 2017

If you would like to book the roadshow to visit your venue or event please use the application form or contact Mark Wells.

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