The Hartree Centre

Intense computing driving innovation

Our vision: through our capabilities, know - how and talent, we want to be the 'essential' and 'go to' partner for industry's R&D activities, by adding significantly to their competitive advantage.
Every day, the Hartree Centre collaborates with industrial clients and research partners on projects that enable them to produce better outcomes, products and services, and to do that faster and cheaper than conventional R&D workflows.
In a world increasingly driven by data, harnessing this data and extracting new insights from it is the key to competitive and societal advantage.

The Hartree Centre delivers these outcomes using:

Our talent

  • Computational scientists (incl. chemists, life scientists, engineers)
  • Data scientists
  • Software developers

Our tools

  • Intense computing platforms – enabling ‘easy’ access to one of the world’s most powerful supercomputing and data analysis infrastructures dedicated to industrial R&D, including:
    • Petascale high performance computing
    • High throughput computing
    • Hyperscale storage
    • Data analytics clusters
      • Rested
      • Streaming
      • Predictive
      • Visual
    • Software

The possibilities for infusing Hartree Centre capabilities in to R&D workflows in your business are almost limitless, whether you are a large corporate organisation or an SME.

View our brochure: Insight and value through intense computing

Watch the video: 'Innovating better products and services using supercomputing'.



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Head of Business Development
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