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Part of a Europe-wide network, the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Harwell provides the support that start-ups and research teams need to turn technologies designed to advance space exploration into profitable products and services for non-space markets.

Established in 2011 and managed by STFC, this centre enables incubatees to harness intellectual property (IP), technologies and expertise generated by ESA research and by other organisations in Harwell Campus’s thriving space cluster.

The ESA BIC Harwell package also includes:

  • A cash incentive for design, prototyping, IP protection and market studies of over £40,000
  • Access to fully-equipped office space and other facilities
  • Access to STFC’s test facilities, laboratories/workshops and technical expertise, including 40 hours’ free access to I-TAC facilities
  • Hands-on business development support/advice and a dedicated company champion
  • Access to a range of funding, investment, networking and collaboration opportunities

Founders of ESA BIC start-up Oxford Space Structures demonstrating the structure used in their design
(Credit: STFC)

This introductory video describes the aims, benefits and features of ESA BIC Harwell. Success stories achieved to date include:

A full list of incubatees and alumni is available at the ESA BIC Harwell website.

To find out more about ESA BIC Harwell:


Sue O’Hare
ESA Business Incubation Centre Support Manager
+44 (0)1235 446075

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