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Innovation is the process through which STFC’s world leading research, development and facilities can be exploited to create impact and other tangible benefits to government, commercial and industrial stakeholders

STFC interacts with large, medium and small businesses in a variety of ways to deliver research and technology-enabled innovation to our stakeholders by:

  • Providing support for the flow of technology, intellectual property and expertise from STFC-funded research projects in particle physics, nuclear physics, astronomy and space technology

  • Providing access to our national laboratories and science and innovation campuses with the opportunity to work alongside our world-class research facilities and scientific experts

  • Licensing technology and IP arising from the innovative research in our National Laboratories to industrial partners or new, spin-out ventures

  • Hosting, supporting and incubating high-tech growth businesses on our campuses or connected with campus clusters

  • Offering partners and businesses the opportunity to benefit from our subscriptions to, and engagement with, the large overseas research organisations such as CERN, the European Space Agency (ESA), European Southern Observatory (ESO), Institut Laue-Langevin and European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, in the form of technology development, technology transfer, procurement opportunities, commercialisation collaboration and support.

  • Facilitating business links with other elements of the UK and international R&D infrastructure including the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), UK Trade and Industry (UKTI) and UK Space Agency (UKSA)

Case studies

The most recent case studies for Innovation are also shown in the right-hand column

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