Funding Opportunities

Grant-funded research

STFC operates the following grant-funded research programmes:

  • Astronomy Research Grants - awarded for research in the areas of astronomy, cosmology and solar system science.

  • Particle Physics and Particle Astrophysics Research Grants - awarded for research in experimental and theoretical particle physics.

  • Nuclear Physics - provide funding in support of the UK nuclear physics programme.

  • PATT Travel Grants - awarded for the travel and subsistence cost of observing trips to recognised telescopes, including STFC telescopes.

  • Project Research and Development (PRD) Scheme - intended to develop the capabilities needed to underpin UK science and technology leadership in future STFC projects.

  • Project funding (PPRP) - focus on major new projects that are considered to have significant scientific priority in particle physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, particle astrophysics and solar system science. Examples of these include participation in new experiments or missions, the development of new instruments or upgrades to existing detectors.

  • Global challenge schemes – funding to create new multidisciplinary research communities and to support small scale proof of concept projects to show that STFC expertise and technology can be applied to global challenge problems.

  • Newton Fund – Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding – to strengthen research and innovation partnerships between the UK and emerging knowledge economies.

Closing dates

  • When preparing a proposal for a STFC research grant, please take account of the closing date for the scheme for which you are applying
  • Proposals must be submitted by 4.00pm on the closing date
  • Closing dates will be strictly enforced

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