Ernest Rutherford Fellowship application limits

The table below list the departments who are eligible to host an Ernest Rutherford Fellowship. You are advised to contact your proposed host department as early as possible and certainly well ahead of the deadline for submission of applications 22 September 2016. Please refer to the Ernest Rutherford Fellowship application guidelines for further details.

Candidates should not be put under any pressure to accept an offer to be hosted before the 25th August 2016.

We will publish the pre-closing dates for the departments once they become available.

Research organisation Department 2016/17 limit Pre-closing date
Aberystwyth Inst of Mathematical and Physical Sci 1  
Armagh Astronomy 1  
Bath Electronic and Electrical Engineering 1  
Bath Department of Physics 1  
Birmingham School of Physics and Astronomy 4  
Bradford School of Computing, Informatics & Media 1  
Brighton Computing, Engineering & Maths 1  
Bristol School of Physics 2  
Brunel School of Engineering and Design 1  
Cambridge DAMTP 4  
Cambridge Institute of Astronomy 4  
Cambridge Department of Physics 3  
Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy 2 10-Aug
Central Lancashire Jeremiah Horrocks Inst Astrophy Supercom 2  
City Centre for Mathematical Science 1  
Dundee Department of Mathematics 1  
Durham Earth Sciences 1  
Durham Department of Mathematical Science 3  
Durham Department of Physics 6  
Edinburgh (incl ATC) School of Physics and Astronomy 5 18-Aug
Edinburgh School of Mathematics 1  
Exeter Physics & Astronomy 2  
Glasgow School of Physics and Astronomy 5  
Heriot-Watt School of Engineering and Phys. Sci 1  
Hertfordshire Science and Technology RI 2 01-Aug
Hull E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics 1  
Imperial Department of Earth Science & Engineering 1  
Imperial Department of Electrical & Electronic Eng 1  
Imperial Department of Physics 7 12-Aug
Keele EPSAM 1  
Kent School of Physical Sciences 1  
Kings College Department of Maths 1  
Kings College Department of Physics 2  
Lancaster Physics 2  
Leeds Department of Applied Maths 1  
Leeds School of Physics & Astronomy 1  
Leicester Physics and Astronomy 6  
Liverpool The Cockcroft Institute 3  
Liverpool Mathematical Science 2  
Liverpool Department of Physics 3  
Liverpool John Moores Astrophysics Research Institute 3  
Manchester School of Earth, Atmospheric & Environmental Sc 2  
Manchester School of Physics & Astronomy 7  
Natural History Museum Earth Science Department 1  
Nottingham School of Mathematical Sciences 1  
Nottingham School of Physics & Astronomy 2  
Open Department of Physical Sciences 4  
Oxford Department of Earth Sciences 1  
Oxford Department of Physics 9  
Plymouth Computing and Maths 1  
Portsmouth Inst. Cosmology and Gravitation 2  
Queen Mary School of Physics and Astronomy 4  
Queens Belfast School of Mathematics and Physics 2  
Reading Meteorology 1  
Royal Holloway Department of Physics 2  
Sheffield Automatic Control & Systems Eng. 1  
Sheffield School of Mathematics & Statistics 1  
Sheffield Department of Physics & Astronomy 3  
Southampton Mathematical Sciences 1  
Southampton Physics & Astronomy 3  
St Andrews Mathematics & Statistics 2  
St Andrews Physics & Astronomy 2 14-Aug
STFC Daresbury 1  
STFC Particle Physics Department 3  
STFC Space Physics 1  
Strathclyde Physics 1  
Surrey Mathematics 1  
Surrey Nuclear & Radiation Physics 2  
Surrey Astrophysics 1  
Sussex Department of Physics & Astronomy 3  
Swansea Physical Sciences 2  
UCL Earth Sciences 1  
UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory 3  
UCL Physics & Astronomy 4  
Warwick Physics 4  
West of Scotland Engineering and Science 1  
York Department of Physics 2  


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