2018 Detectors and Instrumentation Strategic Review

STFC is working with Diamond Light Source (DLS) to develop a strategy for meeting the future requirements for detectors and related instrumentation. The strategy will encompass the needs of STFC’s national laboratories, the national facilities including DLS, and their user communities. Detectors and instrumentation is one of the five technologies identified in the 2013 programmatic review as essential for the delivery of STFC’s programmes. The strategy will inform the approaches to be taken to meet the future science requirements and the associated investments needed.

The 2018 Detectors and Instrumentation Strategic Review will be carried out by an independent Review Panel. It aims to provide an understanding of, and make recommendations on, where future investment and resource should be targeted; taking into account the varying needs across the science application areas and any opportunities for synergies.

Community Consultation

STFC and DLS are seeking inputs to the Strategic Review exercise through their existing advisory panels and facility user groups. Recognising that detectors and instrumentation are key elements for all our science areas we would also welcome any comments and suggestions from our user communities. Please send these to STRATEGIES@stfc.ac.uk putting Detectors in the subject line.

Science and Technology Facilities Council Switchboard: 01793 442000