Published responses to FOI requests

As a non-departmental public body (NDPB) of UK Central Government STFC is subject to disclosure of information it holds, upon written requests made under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act 2000.   Information is provided unless subject to exemption under the FoI Act and once provided is considered to be “In the Public Domain” and freely available to all.

In order to facilitate access, and in line with its policy of transparency, STFC is now publishing its responses into the public domain via its website (personal data of applicants has been redacted).

Ref Title/Date Details
FoI20180110 STFC Mobile Phones Information (FoI20180110) 10/01/2018 Response
FoI201712 STFC ICT Infrastructure (FoI201712) Dec 2017 Response
FoI20171018 STFC Funding Opportunities (FoI20171018) 18/10/2017 Response
FoI20171006 DBEIS funded research bodies - Data Centres and Energy Bill (FoI20171006) 06/10/2017 Response
FoI20170918 - FoI20170925 Grants proposal and Project Call Information (FoI20170918 - FoI20170925) 18/09/2017 - 25/09/2017 Response
FoI20170731 STFC Grants Information (FoI20170731) 31/07/2017 Response
FoI20170704 IT Management Solutions (FoI20170704) 04/07/2017 Response
FoI20170522 Telephone maintenance contract information (FoI20170522) 22/05/2017 Response
FoI20170508 Finance System Information (FoI20170508) 08/05/2017 Response
FoI20170216 Facilities management information (FoI20170216) 16/02/2017 Response
FoI20170216 Internal ICT department plans and strategies (FoI20170216) 16/02/2017 Response
FoI20170206 Internal departmental plans and strategies – ICT documents (FoI20170206) 06/02/2017 Response
FoI20170117 Subcontractors involved with the Higgs centre (FoI20170117) 17/01/2017 Response
FoI20161026 Legal Services Department Structure (FoI20161026) 26/10/2016 Response
FoI20161006 Expenditure on Software 2014-2016 by supplier (FoI20161006) 06/10/2016 Response
FoI20160921 STFC Budget and Global Influence (FoI20160921) 21/09/2016 Response
FoI20160906 Suppliers and Contractors for Facilities Support Building at RAL (FoI20160906) 06/09/2016 Response
FoI20160824 ICT Infrastructure (FoI20160824) 24/08/2016 Response
FoI20160805 Commercial use of Daresbury Supercomputer (FoI20160805) 05/08/2016 Response
FoI20160802 Telephone Systems, Lync or Skype for Business (FoI20160802) 02/08/2016 Response
FoI20160719 TM44 Air Conditioning Assessments (FoI20160719) 19/07/2016 Response
FoI20160712 STFC Security and Fire products and services (FoI20160712) 12/07/2016 Response
FoI20160629 Telephone Maintenance Contracts - update to previous request response (FoI20160629) 29/06/2016 Response
FoI20160601 Temporary Agency Worker Suppliers (FoI20160601) 01/06/2016 Response
FoI20160418 Unsuccessful Grants Information (FoI20160418) 18/04/2016 Response
FoI20160408 Procurement and usage of Vehicle Hire (FoI20160408) 08/04/2016 Response
FoI20160401 EU funding for research in the UK - Information provided (FoI20160401) 01/04/2016 Response
FoI20160302 Long-term Sickness Data (FoI20160302) 02/03/2016 Response
FoI20160301 Organisation chart and contractor/agency recruitment (FoI20160301) 01/03/2016 Response
FoI20160222 Shooting Rights on STFC Land (FoI20160222) 22/02/2016 Response
FoI20160216 Meetings, Money or Benefits from companies (FoI20160216) 16/02/2016 Response
FoI20160205 NLA and CLA Media Licence 2013-14 (FoI20160205) 05/02/2016 Response
FoI20160204 STFC Corporate Risk Register (FoI20160204) 04/02/2016 Response
FoI20160112 Wi-Fi information (FoI20160112) 12/01/2016 Response
FoI20151105 Fixed telecommunications, Broadband and WAN Contract Information (FoI20151105) 05/11/2015 Response
FoI20151001 Contract information - LAN, phone, SAN and internet (FoI20151001) 01/10/2015 Response
FoI20150929 Software Information (FoI20150929) 29/09/2015 Response
FoI20150929 Financial Services Information (FoI20150929) 29/09/2015 Response
FoI20150918 Retractions and Misconduct in the last decade (FoI20150918) 18/09/2015 Response
FoI20150905 RAL laser beam and International Year of Light (FoI20150905) 05/09/2015 Response
FoI20150819 Super Computer tender 294905 (FoI20150819) 19/08/2015 Response
FoI20150817 RAL IT Hardware maintenance and costs (FoI20150817) 17/08/2015 Response
FoI20150806 Payments to the CBI (FoI20150806) 06/08/2015 Response
FoI20150720 STFC Recycling Waste Support and Maintenance Contracts (FoI20150720) 20/07/2015 Response
FoI20150719 Fleet Information - vehicle leasing and maintenance contracts (FoI20150719) 19/07/2015 Response
FoI20150718 STFC Facilities Management (FoI20150718) 18/07/2015 Response
FoI20150702 Funding from private companies (FoI20150702) 02/07/2015 Response
FoI20150617 MITIE Contracts (FoI20150617) 17/06/2015 Response
FoI20150609 Art owned by STFC (FoI20150609) 09/06/2015 Response
FoI20150608 Helpdesk, Network and Desktop Support Services (FoI20150608) 08/06/2015 Response
FoI20150529 ICT Questions (FoI20150529) 29/05/2015 Response
FoI20150420 Software Licences (FoI20150420) 20/04/2015 Response
FoI20150413 Outsourced ICT Services (FoI20150413) 13/04/2015 Response
FoI20150409 Data On Requests Sent For Peer Review (FoI20150409) 09/04/2015 Response
FoI20150225 ICT Documents (FoI20150225) 25/12/2015 Response
FoI20150210 ICT Maintenance Contracts Response (FoI20150210) 10/02/2015 Response
FoI20150209 Telephone System Maintenance Contract Response Text (FoI20150209) 09/02/2015 Response
FoI20150206 IT Training STFC CICT Organogram 2015 (FoI20150206) 06/02/2015 Response
FoI20150206 IT Training Response Text (FoI20150206) 06/02/2015 Response
FoI20141216 Contract For The Enabling Works For The Higgs Centre Response Text (FoI20141216) 16/12/2014 Response
FoI20141204 Successful Research Grants Hydraulic Fracturing Response Text (FoI20141204) 04/12/2014 Response
FoI20141204 Staff Leaving Events Response Text (FoI20141204) 04/12/2014 Response
FoI20141124 Research Misconduct Allegations Made Against Staff Response Text (FoI20141124) 24/11/2014 Response
FoI20141103 RAL Laboratory And Office Building Response Text (FoI20141103) 03/11/2014 Response
FoI20141024 SEEDA Funding 2 (FoI20141024)  24/10/2014 Response
FoI20141024 SEEDA Funding (FoI20141024)  24/10/2014 Response
FoI20141016 Remuneration of more than £100,000 FY 2013-14 (FoI20141016)  16/10/2014 Response
FoI20141009 Innovation Voucher Scheme Funding - 2 (FoI20141009)  09/10/2014 Response
Attachment 1
FoI20141009 Innovation Voucher Scheme Funding (FoI20141009)  09/10/2014 Response
FoI20141008 Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Equipment (FoI20141008)  08/10/2014 Response
Attachment 1
FoI20140908 STFC CBI Contributions (FoI20140908)  08/09/2014 Response
FoI20140905 Contract Renewal (FoI20140905)  05/09/2014 Response
FoI20140903 STFC Private Income 2011-12 to 2013-14 (FoI20140903)  03/09/2014 Response
FoI20140828 IT support contracts and services (FoI20140828)  28/08/2014 Response
FoI20140828 2 - Software Audits (FoI20140828)  28/08/2014 Response
FoI20140826 STFC Contract Information (FoI20140826)  26/08/2014 Response
FoI20140722 STFC Council homepage on website (FoI20140722)  22/07/2014 Response
FoI20140701 Fixed Telephony, Broadband and WAN contract information (FoI20140701)  01/07/2014 Response
FoI20140610 ICT Infrastructure, security, risk, governance, compliance (FoI20140610)  10/06/2014 Response
FoI20140529 STFC Expenses of the CEO and senior management team  2012-14 (FoI20140529)  29/05/2014 Response
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
FoI20140515 RAL Work Experience Applications and Placements (FoI20140515)  15/05/2014 Response
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
FoI20140506 FoI20140506 - Scottish Independence Risk Assessment and STFC Policy (FoI20140506)  06/05/2014 Response
FoI20140501 Postgraduate Studentship Funding (FoI20140501)  01/05/2014 Response
FoI20140402 Health Research Funding (FoI20140402)  02/04/2014 Response

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