Equality Schemes

Equality and diversity is about more than simply complying with the law. It is also ensuring that STFC benefits from the wider range of skills, experience and attitudes provided by a truly diverse workforce.  To make this happen we aim to attract people from diverse backgrounds to join and then encourage them to flourish in an environment free from any form of discrimination.

Policy Statement on Equality and Diversity

  1. Everyone in STFC is responsible for treating others with dignity and respect, without unfair discrimination, and for promoting equality in all matters. 
  2. STFC and the other Research Councils aim to develop as organisations that value the diversity of their staff and stakeholders, enabling all to realise their full potential by valuing the contribution of everyone, and recognising and harnessing the benefits that differences can bring. They are committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity and good relations across and between defined equalities groups in all of their relevant functions. 
  3. Accordingly, no eligible job applicant, funding applicant, employee or external stakeholder including members of the public should receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of: gender, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity or national origin, religion or similar philosophical belief, spent criminal conviction, age, disability or agreed work pattern. 
  4. STFC has published an Equality Scheme setting out how we will meet our general and specific legal duties in relation to race, gender, and disability. Our schemes also help STFC towards mainstreaming diversity throughout the organisation and its activities.

Our STFC Equality Scheme shows what actions we take to prevent discrimination and harassment and promote good relations between people of different racial groups.

There are several examples that demonstrate STFC’s commitment to equality and diversity such as the Dyslexia Network Support Group, and the Two Ticks ‘Positive about Disability’ accreditation.

What our staff say

“Having worked in other places I can say that working at STFC is pleasantly different. The flexibility in my working hours, the training opportunities available, and the great working atmosphere that supports me being a mother and at the same time a full time worker are some of the best things I like about STFC.” Tomilayo Odupitan

"As Programme Manager for Nuclear Physics, I enjoy working with the physics community and being involved with strategy development in the UK and Europe. As a keen sportswoman STFC's flexible working arrangements allow me to fit my training around my work." - Katharine Schofield, Programme Manager

Key facts

August 2012

  • STFC’s Equality Scheme sets out our commitments, over the next three years, to ensure that our policies and practices reflect the diverse needs and experiences of our employees and stakeholders. It is a framework that will help us to fulfil our obligations as a public body under the Equality Act 2010. However, our aim is not merely to comply with the law, but rather to harness for STFC the real benefits which accrue when prejudice and discrimination play no part in an organisation’s work and operations, and when the diverse talents and energies of all our staff and stakeholders are mobilised to achieve our vision and goals.
  • STFC’s Corporate Strategy 2010-20 recognises the importance of building an even more diverse organisation and is published on our website.
  • A full version of our Equality Scheme can be found here, this details all our commitments over the next three years.

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