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Data Protection / Freedom of Information

STFC takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the contents of Follow on funding, IPS and CLASP applications are treated as confidential. All members of assessment panels will sign a non-disclosure agreement. Applicants must ensure that the title and summary of the proposed project are worded in such a way as to protect commercially confidential or sensitive areas. Applicants must obtain the necessary clearances from collaborators with a commercial interest in the content of the application.

Key facts

The Research Councils will use information provided on the proposal form in processing the proposal and any agreements subsequently entered into, including payments, maintenance and review processes. This includes:

  • Registration of proposals
  • Operation of the Research Council processing and management information systems
  • The acquisition of UK and possibly international referee comments on the proposal or preparation of material for use by peer review panels
  • Statistical analysis to inform the evaluation of the quality of the research undertaken and to study demographic trends
  • Policy and strategy studies

The project title, project summary and details of the applicant will normally be transferred to publicly available databases. The following details will be transferred for all funded projects:

  • title and project summary
  • impact summary
  • name of the host institution
  • name(s) of applicant(s)
  • name of any project partners
  • the value of the award
  • start and end dates and duration of the award

Records management

At STFC we recognise the importance of records management in ensuring compliance with the required retention schedules of Acts, regulations and codes of practice relevant to our business and as a useful and interesting resource to the public and other organisations. We use electronic systems to manage our information and hold an archive of legacy paper records. Our records management activities are guided by advice from the UK National Archives.

Responsibility for accurate record keeping is part of our line management function, with a central records management team providing training, advice and assistance to staff concerning their responsibilities for governance records.

In addition to the timely publication of information relating to our governance, research and facilities provision, we provide information on request, subject to legal exemptions including the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Data Protection Act 1998.

Science and Technology Facilities Council Switchboard: 01793 442000