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MEIS - Medium Energy Ion Spectrometer

The Medium Energy Ion Scattering (MEIS) Facility provides a powerful surface analysis technique to solve research and development challenges for scientists and industrial users.

By using a positively charged beam of ions it investigates the properties of crystalline materials through probing their surface and near-surface composition and structure. Using this technique, MEIS can provide in-depth information on the material's atomic mass, depth and structural arrangement. By understanding the relationship between a material's physical properties and its potential performance, MEIS users can make significant advancements in electronics, magnetism andspintronics, metals, alloys, heterogeneouscatalysts and structural materials applications.

Flexible, tailored access

Based at STFC Daresbury Laboratory, MEIS and NCESS can offer industrial and academic researchers a flexible commercial access package tailored to clients’ specific needs, including providing full access to the full complement of each Facility’s instrumentation, the highest standards of confidentiality and, if required, the skills and support of our experienced scientists and engineers.

To discuss how MEIS can help address your research or development requirements, please contact:

Layout of the MEIS facility and beamline

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