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Four Muon
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What is Particle Physics?

Particle physics is the study of the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces of nature. This section is for everyone who wants to find out more.

Particle Physics Masterclasses

Masterclasses are one day events that give sixth form students (and their teachers!) the chance to learn about particle physics from the scientists that are actually doing the research. Co-ordinated by the Institute of Physics, and run by researchers from a range of institutes up and down the country, the classes are designed to provide excellent support for the material on Particle Physics that is in many 16+ curricula.

Since the programme began in 1997 the particle physics masterclasses have provided a different and stimulating way to look at particle physics topics for thousands of students from hundreds of schools.

International Particle Physics Masterclasses (link opens in a new window) - International Masterclasses in Particle Physics are run every year by the European Particle Physics Outreach Group. The Particle Physics UK website describes the content of Masterclasses and how to participate. The website includes reports from previous Masterclasses.

Contacts and Speakers for Particle Physics Research Groups in the UK

A list of contacts for PP Research groups who can help by providing an opportunity to schools to visit university research scientists and departments working on projects connected to the LHC, and help enrich an activity connected with a planned school visit to CERN or upon return.

A number of these contacts are available to give talks to schools or other groups.

Particle Physics Resources

A selection of interesting and interactive resources such as websites, films, apps, animations, publications and visit guides.

UK Particle Physics Seminars

A list of organisations running Particle Physics Seminars.


Elizabeth Cunningham
STFC Particle and Nuclear Physics Outreach Officer



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Four Muon
Four Muon
Credit: CERN
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