Innovations Technology Access Centre

I-TAC is ideal for new and early-stage businesses
(Credit: STFC)

I-TAC is a unique, fully equipped space for innovation, research and development, providing flexible access to laboratory space, "hot-labs" and scientific equipment. It is ideally suited to start-up companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and R&D teams from established companies.

Companies using I-TAC are working in diverse sectors: from medical biosciences and energy and the environment, to down-stream space technologies and advanced materials and the chemical sector.

Locating to I-TAC accelerates innovation and boosts business growth. Founded at Sci-Tech Daresbury in 2010 and extended to Harwell Oxford two years later, this multiple award-winning STFC facility has already supported around 60 start-ups, SMEs and R&D teams from established companies, delivering easy access to:

  • High-spec, ready to use office accommodation

  • Top-quality laboratory space and clean rooms

  • £10 million of cutting-edge equipment for laboratory and clean room use

  • Other specialised equipment (available for rental, with training provided as appropriate)

  • Specialist technical support

  • Networks of industrial and academic experts

  • STFC’s wider infrastructure of facilities and equipment

  • World-leading Intellectual Property developed by STFC and its partners

  • Tailored business support packages

I-TAC provides flexible access to laboratory space
(Credit: ©McCoy Wynne)

Now incorporating specialist I-TAC units in micro and nanotechnology at Harwell Oxford and biotechnology at Sci-Tech Daresbury, I-TAC’s flexible support framework has been harnessed by all kinds of businesses to create inspiring success stories. For example:

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Dr Martin Morlidge
Campus Development
+44 (0)1925 603614

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    I-TAC Laboratory
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    496 2590_th_1.jpg 2590_web_1.jpg /2590/2590_web_1.jpg I-TAC
    DNA strand
    I-TAC DNA strand
    Credit: STFC
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    I-TAC at the Chemicals Northwest Awards 2013
    I-TAC at the Chemicals Northwest Awards 2013 - (left to right) Andrew Corness, Martin Morlidge, Charlotte Thompson and Mark Edwards
    Credit: Chemicals Northwest
    629 2590_th_4.jpg 2590_web_4.jpg /2590/2590_web_4.jpg I-TAC at the Chemicals Northwest Awards 2013
    I-TAC provides flexible access to laboratory space
    I-TAC provides flexible access to laboratory space
    Credit: ©McCoy Wynne
    638 2590_th_5.jpg 2590_web_5.jpg /2590/2590_web_5.jpg I-TAC provides flexible access to laboratory space

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