Innovations Technology Access Centre

Our Innovations Technology Access Centre (I-TAC) is a unique, fully equipped space for innovation, research and development, providing flexible access to laboratory space, "hot-labs" and £3m of scientific equipment. We are ideally suited to start-up companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and research & development teams from established companies.



I-TAC is ideal for new and early-stage businesses
(Credit: STFC)

I-TAC works with over 50 companies across both Sci-Tech Daresbury and Harwell Oxford campuses, with total investment into these companies exceeding £20 million. These companies are working in diverse sectors: from medical biosciences and energy and the environment, to down-stream space technologies and advanced materials and the chemical sector.

Key facts

For new and early-stage businesses, availability of affordable, ready to use, high specification office, laboratory and clean room facilities can be a significant barrier to entry. I-TAC provides access to high cost, high specification equipment which enables much-needed research and development activity.

"We are pleased to have centred our R&D base at I-TAC. Moving here has given us access to a wide range of equipment and specialists, as well as put us into a number of innovation networks and fostered partnership working with the experts at STFC"

Stephen Falder
Byotrol Plc

  • A suite of exceptionally well equipped laboratories, clean rooms and offices

  • Around £10 million of cutting edge equipment available for high end laboratory and clean room sample preparation and analysis

  • Support from STFCs highly skilled scientists and engineers

  • Recognised scientific environment at the Daresbury and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories with well-established links into Universities

  • Well-established cluster of high-tech companies within I-TAC facilities and more widely within Sci-Tech Daresbury and Harwell Oxford - provides opportunities for technological and commercial collaboration

  • Excellent transportation links

  • Strong regional, national and international networks make it easier and faster to find key partners, customers and service providers

  • Tranquil rural location in the heart of Oxfordshire and Cheshire


Facilities and equipment

I-TAC provides flexible access to laboratory space.
(Credit:©McCoy Wynne)

Basic equipment within both the I-TAC and I-TAC Bio laboratories is available to all tenants at no extra charge. Specialist equipment is available to rent for periods as short as an hour and full training will be provided on this equipment.


  • Martin Morlidge
    I-TAC Manager
    Innovations Technology Access Centre (I-TAC)
    STFC Innovations Ltd
    Tel: +44 (0)1925 603 614
    Mob: +44 (0)7766 990 256

  • Ian Clarke
    Facility Manager I-TAC MNT
    Tel: +44 (0)1235 445439
    Mobile: 07789 653674

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