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Our Daresbury Laboratory is renowned for its world leading scientific research in fields such as accelerator science, bio-medicine, physics, chemistry, materials, engineering and computational science.

We employ around 300 staff, and our facilities are used by scientists and engineers, from both the university research community and industrial research base.

The Laboratory is part of Sci-Tech Daresbury, one of two national science and innovation campuses, which supports scientists, researchers and industry by providing a collaborative and innovative environment to perform cutting-edge research.

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Daresbury Laboratory is a hub for pioneering scientific research. Its key activities include:

  • Particle accelerator research and development programme focusing on accelerator science and technology development. Daresbury Laboratory is home to the Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC) and the Cockcroft Institute. Activities in the centre include a research and development prototype for future particle accelerators, ALICE (Accelerators and Lasers in Combined Experiments) that offers the prospects of new cancer treatments and the Cockcroft Institute of Accelerator Science - which houses teams of scientists from STFC and the Universities of Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster carrying out research in accelerator science with applications across a range of disciplines

  • The Hartree Centre - uses High Performance Computing to undertake scientific research in fields such as engineering and medicine, and assists companies with research and development of new products

  • STFC’s healthcare, innovation-focused Medical Technology Exchange Centre (MedTEC) - bringing together expertise from STFC, the NHS and other related fields

  • The Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry – a virtual centre in partnership with the Universities of Bolton, Liverpool and Manchester allowing multi-disciplinary research and innovative knowledge transfer based on world-class capabilities in applied materials chemistry

  • Engineering Technology Centre – providing integrated engineering solutions for STFC programmes and facilities, campus tenants and other stakeholders

  • STFC’s Nuclear Physics programme

  • Detector Systems Group - provides world class instrumentation and detector systems in support of the STFC programme

  • The Innovations Technology Access Centre – offering entrepreneurs and businesses flexible and affordable access to £3m of scientific equipment in fully-equipped biological, imaging, materials and physical science laboratories for research and development

  • SuperSTEM and SuperSTEM2 - some of the world’s highest resolution electron microscopes

Daresbury Laboratory has an active outreach programme which informs people of all ages about how science impacts their everyday lives and inspires the next generation of researchers.


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    Aerial view of Daresbury Laboratory
    Aerial view of Daresbury Laboratory
    Credit: STFC
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    Award for Best Overall Company
    Professor Chris Pyke, Associate Dean and Head of Chester Business School, presents the Managing Director of Vega, Natalie Turner, with the award for B
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    Winning Company, Vega
    Winners of the Best Overall Company Award, Vega, with Professor Chris Pyke, Associate Dean and Head of Chester Business School.
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    Daresbury Laboratory
    Daresbury Laboratory in winter
    Credit: STFC
    774 1903_th_4.jpg 1903_web_4.jpg /1903/1903_web_4.jpg Daresbury Laboratory

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