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Public Engagement

Public Engagement Fellowships – 2015
The call for applications to STFC’s 2015 Public Engagement Fellowships Scheme is now open.
The judging panel met to review all Stage 1 applications on 10th December. The panel identified a number of proposals that Stage 2 submissions would be sought for. All applicants to Stage 1 will be informed of the outcome shortly.
The Public Engagement Small Awards Panel met on 11th December and recommended a number of proposals for funding. All applicants to the 2014B round would shortly receive notification of the result of their application.
In 2013 Council commissioned a review of STFC’s public engagement (PE) work. The review was conducted by an independent external panel and focussed principally on the formal PE Programme. The findings and recommendations including the methodology used and terms of reference are provided in the report for information.
Public Engagement Strategic Plan The STFC PE Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 has been developed.


The Science and Technology Facilities Council operates world-class, large-scale research facilities; supports scientists and engineers world-wide; funds researchers in universities and provides strategic scientific advice to government.

The Council's Public Engagement unit offers a wide range of support for teachers, scientists and communicators to facilitate greater engagement with STFC science which includes astronomy, space science, particle physics and nuclear physics:

For schools

For scientists

Making science accessible and engaging is very important to STFC. Inspiring people of all ages- but most importantly, young people - is key in ensuring there will always be scientists and engineers to continue with the research that is so essential to our everyday life.

It’s not just young people that STFC has a vested interest in, however; the research that is carried out across the UK and around the world is made possible from money that comes from the public. By involving them with the work that is being done with this funding, there is a two-way process that benefits both. This sharing of knowledge results in a boost to the UK economy, through increasing people’s skills and employability.

There are several ways STFC engages with the public; the two most important being through funding and delivery. STFC offers awards, grants and fellowship schemes to people with new and exciting ideas about how to interest people with science of all types, as well as media and communications training programmes to improve the effectiveness of the public engagement people carry out.

STFC also has its own dedicated public engagement team, who are constantly organising opportunities for people of all ages to get involved either at STFC sites or at other places, such as schools and museums.

Public Engagement: strategy and policy documents

Aims and objectives

STFC's Public Engagement Programme's strategy, objectives and how it supports scientists, science communicators, teachers and the media.

Reports and research

Reports and research relating to STFC’s Public Engagement educational and public engagement initiatives.


4 images of Public Engagement
Daytime stargazing at Jodrell
Daytime stargazing at Jodrell
Credit: STFC
718 1780_th_1.jpg 1780_web_1.jpg /1780/1780_web_1.jpg Daytime stargazing at Jodrell
Focus group for We Are Astronomers show
Focus group for We Are Astronomers show
Credit: STFC
719 1780_th_2.jpg 1780_web_2.jpg /1780/1780_web_2.jpg Focus group for We Are Astronomers show
Big Bang Crystallography Stand 2013
Big Bang Crystallography Stand 2013
Credit: STFC
720 1780_th_3.jpg 1780_web_3.jpg /1780/1780_web_3.jpg Big Bang Crystallography Stand 2013
Astronaut on moon
Astronaut on moon
Credit: NASA
725 1780_th_4.jpg 1780_web_4.jpg /1780/1780_web_4.jpg Astronaut on moon

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