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We deliver fantastically exciting science both directly through our own research facilities, and by providing funding for academic research, studentships, industrial collaborations, science communicators and others.

These include grants to university-based research and post-graduate training - supporting an academic community of around 1,700 in particle physics, astronomy (including space science) and nuclear physics working at over 50 universities and research institutes including a rolling cohort of more than 900 PhD students.

Our funding support also includes providing access to large-scale infrastructures and analytical facilities that are beyond the means of any single university or research group. We also provide access to international facilities that are beyond the resources of any single nation. More than 3,500 users access STFC’s UK large facilities each year.

Details of these funding programmes are available through the links on this page including guidance on applications, and our decision-making processes.

Details of previous grants are also available.

Our science and technology delivers real world benefits to the UK and the world – societal, economic, scientific and international.