Studentship handbook 2013 - 2014

STFC postgraduate studentships enable promising scientists and engineers to continue training beyond a first degree. All studentship projects supported through STFC funding must fall within STFC remit. Details of the areas of science covered by STFC are available on the STFC website.

These pages provide information about STFC studentship awards for students, supervisors, Training Grant Co-ordinators and administrative officers at Research Organisations (universities, Institutions or other Independent Research Organisation eligible to receive Research Council funding).

Research studentships and CASE studentships will be awarded to Research Organisation Departments in the form of a Training Grant (TG). TGs are awarded under Terms and Conditions that have been agreed cross Council.

Further information on TGs can also be found in the TG Frequently Asked Questions document. All studentships funded from the TG are also subject to the terms and conditions set out in this document.

Acceptance of PhD studentships

STFC strongly recommends that prospective students should not be placed under undue pressure by departments to accept PhD places within short timescales. Therefore students should not be compelled to accept offers of PhD places prior to 31 March each year. Any prospective student subjected to pressure to accept a PhD place prior to the 31 March deadline is advised to email the Studentships Section.

In the efficient matching of students to available PhD places it is unhelpful if students keep multiple offers open until the 31 March deadline. Students should therefore aim to decide promptly (within two weeks) when they receive more than one offer and reject all but the one most favoured at that point. The rejected studentships can then be offered by Departments to other students without having to wait until the deadline.

Key facts

These pages provide full information about STFC studentship awards and are aimed at students, supervisors and administration officers at higher education institutions.

  1. Types of postgraduate studentship
    Standard research studentships
    Industrial CASE studentships
    Industrial CASE-Plus studentships
    Industrial CASE and CASE-Plus supervision and monitoring
    Non-academic Partners in the public sector
    Conversion of awards
    Other types of research studentship
  2. Student eligibility requirements
    Acceptance of PhD studentships
    Academic qualifications
  3. Rules concerning the tenure of awards
    Responsibilities of the research organisation
    Studentship data
    Research governance
    Misconduct and conflicts of interest
    Equality of opportunity
    Extensions, suspensions and termination of studentship
    Transfer of awards
    Absence due to illness
    Maternity leave
    Paternity leave
    Adoptive leave
    Teaching and demonstrating
    Work experience and casual work
    Science communications
    Public engagement
  4. Additional information and conditions
    Income tax
    National insurance
    Income of the student
    Acknowledgement of STFC
    Other sources of finance
    Open access
  5. Value of a studentship
    Maintenance allowance
    Disabled students' allowance
  6. Payments to the institutions
    Final Expenditure Statement
    Research Training Support Grant
    Conference and UK Fieldwork
    Use of RTSG and UK fieldwork monies
  7. Overseas fieldwork for DTGS
    Long term attachments (LTAs)
    LTA approvals
    LTA to CERN
    Student travel and medical insurance
  8. Statistics and questionnaires
    Submission of a PhD thesis
    Career path tracking
  9. Studentships data protection and freedom of information

  10. Dissemination and exploitation of results
    Commercial exploitation
    Publication and acknowledgement of support
    Monitoring and information requirements
    Dissemination and acknowledgement
  11. Other STFC-sponsored training opportunities
    Short courses and summer schools
    Communications/media training
    POST Postgraduate Placement Scheme
    Roberts skills training funds
  12. Closing dates, LTA forms and travel insurance documents

  13. Stipends and allowances
    Payments to the student
    Payments to the research organisation
    Industrial CASE and CASE-Plus awards


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